Situated on the Indochinese peninsula, the Kingdom of Cambodia, or "country of the Khmers," is surrounded by Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. It was under the French protectorate from 1863 to 1953. Due to its geography at low altitude, the country is dominated by the Mékong.Lors the rainy season (May to November), the tide turns towards Tonlesap lake, largest freshwater lake in South East Asia and one of the world's largest reserves of freshwater fish. Its area then from 3 000 to 7 500 km ². 
A rich majestic heritage, Cambodia holds historical devestiges the most famous are the temples of Angkor, built from the 9th century. The country also owes its wealth to the beautiful scenery of rice fields, coconut, palm sugar, and his courageous and friendly people. 
Visit the palace of the capital, Angkor Temples, Lake Tonlesap, floating villages, etc.., Cambodia charming travelers for its authenticity and its unique charm. 
Facilities in terms of transport used to design several circuits combined to discover Cambodia and the other two countries of the former French Indochina such as Laos and Vietnam. 
General information about Cambodia: 
Official Name: Kingdom of Cambodia 
Floor area: 181 0 35 km ² 
Population: 14,860,000 (2012) 
Capital: Phnom Penh 
Major cities: Preah Sihanouk BaatDambang, Siemreap 
Language (s) Official (s): Khmer 
Currency: Riel (KHR) and dollar (highly dollarized economy) 
National Day: November 9th
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