Travelogy Vietnam, a unique service for your business trips!

Our department "Inventive and events" organizes your events travel, travel to celebrate the key moments in the life of a company. The travel business is an ideal way to enhance the dynamism, team motivation, a strong sense of belonging, communication on the future of the company or, seducing your customers and promote your products. In all cases, we help you define the character you want to give your event through the journey.

The corporate event in Travelogy Vietnam is:

- A dual expertise: Travelogy Vietnam masters all the technology of the event and has honed knowledge on the subject. This dual expertise, unique on the market, allows us to offer single and diverse solutions (adventure, culture, sport, design, unusual ...) for your business events.
- Specialization "trade" with a team of technical expert of the event, set design and technical recovery messages.
- Specialization "country" with the backing of professionals working for Travelogy Vietnam.
- Our long and rich communication experience through travel: our events owe success to their perfectionism of their design and the rigor of their execution.
This expertise allows us to deliver the best year event messages through to your picture.
- A singular creativity: a perpetual watch is in place for all destinations (event, exhibition, opening, coming exception ...)
- The mastery of every detail before and during the operation: organizes a creative means clustering to Anticipate and manages a myriad of details to combine that contribute to the Success of Any kind of events:
• Inventive, stimulation, travel rewards, loyalty, team building
• Product launches, press trips, travel PR, economic missions
• Organization of seminars, conferences and conventions

Groups and communities
Members of a works council (EC), association, community, friendly, and willing to travel together ... our 'Groups and Communities' department will meet your demands. Travelogy Vietnam is able to conceive it a special trip for your group.

 The Service Groups and Communities, is:
• The real "tailored", which is also the added value of our agency
• A dedicated team of over 20 people and nearly 10 years of experience in the trade
• Specialist advisers on 64 cities and provinces in Vietnam and countries of Indochina. They are also able to offer original travel (adventure travel in extreme land in the mountains ....)
• A wide range that suits all tastes, budgets, times of your choice.
• A custom trade monitoring and proximity. You will be in effect in constant contact with us before and during your trip
• A report quality / price
• Reliable partners with whom we have worked for several years

If you would like to have further information, please do not hesitate to contact us and our expert will be pleased to share with you our experiences and information. ►(Contact us)

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