Best time to visit

Cambodia’s climate follows the monsoon cycle with two seasons: dry season and the rainy season. Cambodia’s southwest monsoon (wet season) runs May – October/November, meaning that the most pleasant season for visitors is generally the dry season, stretching from November/December - April. Immediately after the monsoon, the blanketing green of the countryside can be stunningly beautiful.

In the north, winters are generally colder, while throughout most of the country temperatures remain fairly constant. There is often seasonal flooding in Phnom Penh and the rest of Cambodia in late July and early August, and travel may be difficult because the several roads are dirt at these times.
In monsoon season, the rain may affect certain outdoor activities when travelling and many boat cruise companies, hiking agencies will cancel excursions.
Due to the unpredictable climate changes around the world we strongly recommend you check the current weather at your destination prior to departing in order to pack accordingly.

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