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Myanmar is a truly fascinating and spiritual country, largely unexplored by tourists. The country has preserved its culture and landscape, remaining relatively unchanged since the British colonial times, which is possibly due to the fact it was cut off from the rest of the world for many decades. The country has a diverse ethnic makeup. The population is divided into eight ethnic groups and 67 sub-groups, each with their own dialect and culture. In Myanmar, 89 per cent of the population are devoutly Buddhist which is refl ected by their gentle and welcoming nature. The country is known as the ‘Golden Land’ because of the countless number of pagodas and temples, which dominate the landscape.
Myanmar has a vast topography; it contains almost every type of environment you could think of from alpine country, grasslands and mountain ranges to jungles and coral reefs. 
          2. VISA
If you are planning to travel to Myanmar, you will need a valid entry visa in addition to a valid passport (at least 6 month validity).
The tourist visa is usually valid for 28 days. You can obtain a visa at Myanmar Embassy or Consulate at your home country in advance. Pre-arranged Visa on Arrival is available for all nationalities however we still recommend applying for your visa in your home country before traveling. It takes 12 days to appy for the authorization letter for visa on arrival.
          3. AIRLINES and AIRPORT TAX
Myanmar has several small domestic airlines that fly similar routes Air Bagan, Air Mandalay, Air KBZ, Asian Wings, Yangon Airways and Myanmar Airways. For the most part, they are very comparable in cost, equipment, quality, service, food, and scheduling. We can make the flight reservation with all of the above domestic airlines but passengers will be asked to sign a Liability waiver for the flights of Myanmar Airways Domestic.
International airlines fly into Myanmar: Vietnam Airlines, Thai
Airways, Bangkok Airways, Air Asia, Myanmar Airways International, Malaysia Airlines, Silk Air, Air China, China Eastern, Mandarin Airlines, Indian Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Air Bagan.
There is departure airport tax for all international flights. The airport tax is already in the international airfare.
Mobile phones and laptops are officially not allowed into the country. However the rule is not enforced and they sometimes can be brought in. However Myanmar does not have any roaming agreements, the mobile will not work in the country.
Items of jewelry, cameras and foreign currency (above USD 2000) are supposed to be declared at customs upon entry.
Export of Buddha images and antiques or articles of archaeological importance is prohibited. Gemstones can be safely bought only from government-controlled outlets and the buyer should ask for a certificate.
It is essential to buy a good travel insurance for the reimbursement of medical expenses and execution incurred abroad. Insurance covering cancellation fees, baggage loss is also recommended. The medical facilities in Myanmar are rather limited.
          6. RELIGION
Buddhism is the main religion in Myanmar (85% of the population). Everybody in Myanmar is expected to spend sometime in their life as a monk. About 15% of the population is Christian, Muslim and animists.
Some roads in Myanmar are not in the good condition and most of the vehicles are also a bit old. For elderly people or those who have health and back problems especially, we recommend avoiding longer road trips like Bagan to Kalaw or Inle Lake to Mandalay. In some places like Monywa-Po Win Taung, some jeep rides are planned.
          8. VACCINATION:
No vaccinations are mandatory except for yellow fever if you are coming from an area where the disease is present. However, visitors should be inoculated against typhoid, cholera, hepatitis A & B, tetanus and polio. Malaria is present in most of the region. Medical facilities are rather limited and it is essential to take out a good medical insurance policy before traveling in case evacuation is needed.
          9. LANGUAGE
The official national language is Burmese, however, it is estimated that there are 107 languages and dialects spoken. English is also widely spoken in major cities and tourist area
         10. TIME
Myanmar is GTM 6:30.

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