During the trip


          1. CURRENCY
The local currency is the Kyat (MMK). Though  US Dollar is also accepted, we advise you to exchange some Dollars into Kyat.  In many local restaurants and shops, only kyat is accepted.
Credit cards and checks are mostly not accepted in the country.
ATM: There is NO ATM in Myanmar.
Exchange: You can change your money at the airport and downtown but the exchange rate at the airport is lower than in town.
          2. SHOPPING
You can find several kinds of souvenirs in Myanmar including lacquerware, textiles, woodcarvings and handicrafts. Myanmar is also well known for precious gems, especialy rubies and jades. However, if you choose to buy these items, you choose to take your own risk. A relative quality for the purchase is given by an official receipt and certificate issed by government licensed dealers. The paper is required to be shown when you exit the country as a proof of exporting gems.
          3. TIPPING
Tipping for service is not expected but it is highly appreciated in a country where average annual income is quite low.
          4. FOOD & WATER
Rice, rice noodles and curries are the staples of Burmese cuisine. Chinese, Indian and Europe foods is served in restaurants in most tourist places. It is not advisable to drink tap water but mineral water in bottles are safe and available everywhere. Ice cubes in drinks are safe in good restaurants and hotels but you should not take it in street stalls or in the countryside area.
          5. INTERNET
Internet access is rather limited in the country.  Most of hotels now have some internet terminals. You can find some internet cafes in big cities like Yangon, Mandalay and Nayung Shwe (Inle Lake).
          6. CLOTHING
The dress code is fairly casual in the country. Visitors should not wear shorts, short skirts or other revealing clothing when visiting pagodas, temples and monasteries. Shoes must be removed before entering religious building or a private home. Evening in the Inle lake might be quite chilly so bring a sweater and a warm jacket especially from November to February.  
          7. WORKING HOURS
Governmental agencies work from 9h30 to 16h00. Working days are from Monday to Friday.
-  Museums are open from Wednesday to Sunday only
-  Almost shops are open everyday
          8. ELETRICITY
Myanmar uses 220V. A mixture of flat and round 2-pin outlets are used throughout the country. It is recommended to bring an international plug adaptor
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