Myanmar Culinary


Myanmar people have a long tradition of preparing food in their own way and the history of traditional food may be as old as the culture and arts of its people. Myanmar food is influenced by Indian and Chinese culinary.

Rice is the staple in Myanmar cuisine. In a traditional meal, there is no appetizer or wine and all you can expect is drinking water, a juice or a cup of green tea. A typical Myanmar meal includes rice, curries, soup and green or boiled vegetables. All dishes including rice are served simultaneously and diners can share the dishes. The traditional eating manner was family style, with diners sitting on the floor or perhaps mat with a round and low table, though among urban families and in restaurant, the tables of international shape and height are mostly used.

When everything is served, people can start eating, taking small portions of dishes they like. Normally, Myanmar people eat with their fingers, but dishes are provided with serving spoons to be handles with the clean left hand. Soup is usually served in a single bowl for all the diners and is shared.
Forks and spoons, but not knives, are permitted and have become popular. The elderly and the guests are given priority by letting them take the curry first. Hosts can initiate meals by serving a spoonful of curry on guest's plates after confirming if they would like the dish.
Yangon: Eating options can be found easily around the streets of downtown Yangon; Chinatown, centred around 19th Street and Mahabandoola Road. These are good place to find restaurants and stalls selling dishes from all over Asia. A variety of street foods can be found in  Shwe Bon Tha Street and its surrounds in Little India.
Bagan: The attractive ‘Restaurant Row’ (Yarkinnthar Hotel Road) has clearly been developed with tourists in mind, but it has a laid-back atmosphere and a wide range of cuisines on offer at most establishments – as well as plenty of spots to relax with a drink after a hard day of temple exploration. A number of localtour operators can be found here, and most restaurants have free wifi and offer bicycle hire
Mandalay: If you wander around downtown Mandalay, particularly between the south west corner of the Mandalay Palace moat and Zegyo Market (between 22nd and 28th streets), you will find many inexpensive roadside restaurants serving a variety of tasty local dishes, as well as Chinese, Indian and Tibetan food.
Inle: There are a limited number of restaurants in Inle but you can still find good local run restaurants serving Myanmar foods.

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Enjoy Myanmar and Bon Appetit!
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