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In this day and age, visitors to a new country is not only to enjoy fabulous natural scenery, beautiful beaches and grandiose mountains but also to get experiences from tasting food and drinks of different countries is becoming one of the main incentives for tourists to travel. Gastronomic tourism or cooking tour is becoming an attractive product in the industry.
The country has a diverse culture which comprised of 54 ethnicities and divided into three geographic areas with different cultures and climates (the North, the Center and the South).
When tasting the Northern cuisine, you will feel the delicacies of the plates here. Foods are always kept at an appropriate level of spicy, sour or salty taste and the very little sugar is used in the dish. The typical dishes of the North: “bun thang”, “bun cha Hanoi”, spring rolls, raw spring rolls ... You can taste these dishes at a small street vendors or even in the luxury restaurants. “Cha Ca La Vong” is a not-to-be-missed dish for those who once travel to Hanoi because of its unique ingredient mixture and because you will have chance to taste it anywhere else.

If you like spicy food or condiments, the dishes of the Center of Vietnam will surely match your taste. The people in the Center use more chilli and less sugar than in the South. In Hue, there are always a lot of plates with many condiments, especially spicy and sour in one meal such as pickled egg plants, shrimp paste. The typical dishes of the Central are “bun bo Hue”- Hue beef noodle, “banh xeo”-Hue pancake… and you can taste them in the small vendors on the street or at the bigger restaurants. Moreover, Hue is also famous for íts royal dishes with sophisticated recipes and decoration. Some restaurants in Hue serve Hue royal dishes and Travelogy Vietnam can help you enjoy a dinner with the royal dishes in the ancient king costume and in live Imperial court music performaned by the local artists.
Cuisines of the South of Vietnam are simple, like the honest and simple character of the local citizens. Southern dishes are usually sweet, spicy and fat by using coconut milk. The typical dishes: grilled fish, raw spring rolls, noodle, Lau (hotpot with cook your own ingredients served on the side)…
This is the usual question of every tourist when they go to a new destination.
In big cities and tourist places (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Danang, Hoi An, Hue…), street eats can be found easily every where and there are various choices of restaurants from Vietnamese cuisine to Western cuisine, Thai cuisine, Japanese cuisine and some other countries’.
In small towns or remote area, you will not see as many street foods as they are in the big cities and they are usually sold in markets in the morning to serve as breakfast. Travelogy Vietnam would like to advise you to be carefull with street foods, especially the ones in the remote areas because of hygien and your stomach does not get used to the tropical bacteria here. You need to keep your self healthy to continue your journey. The best choice when you travel to a untouristic town or remote area is to have your meal at your hotel or a wellknown restaurant of the area where there are very few choice of restaurants. All you need to carry is a guide book with address and contact number of those restaurants. Travelogy Vietnam always select good restaurants with guarantee of food safety and hygiene. If you have a question of where and what to eat in Vietnam, feel free to contact us and our Travelogy Vietnam expert will be happy to share you first hand experiences and information. (Contact us)
Many come to Vietnam just for the little strange experience tasting the authentic Pho or spring rolls. Some will enjoy sitting at the street vendors while others appreciate the upscale all-in-one and polished Quan An Ngon restaurants in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Most will sure pass the words and photos about the food venture that they intentionally or unintentionally take in Vietnam. Travelogy Vietnam would like to give some ideas to those who are serious about culinary tour in Vietnam:
1 - You can do it on your own. Travelogy Vietnam suggest you to read first before you go. Some basic understanding of Vietnam Food will surely make a difference - you will be especially impressed when experiencing first hand what you already know. As you travel on your own, Travelogy Vietnam suggest you to pick a few destinations that interest you the most in terms of food (no more than 5 or else the profundity of the adventure will be lost). For example, Hue is a great place to learn about royal delicacies. You can enjoy Hue Royal dishes in a restaurant. Hanoi, on the other hand, is a charming capital of unique plates. Start your adventure inside the Old Quarter and you will get all the essence.
2. – You can travel with a pre-tailored culinary or cooking tour. Travelogy Vietnam will offer you an interesting experience with street foods in Hanoi, the fun of going to the local market with a chef and to know more about the Vietnamese ingredients, espcially herbs and learn how to cook some Vietnamse food by your self. You will not only visit the country, you will have chance to interact with the local people and enjoy meals in their home.
3- Last but not least, street vendors are not always the best place to try out your stomach. If you have not been to a developing country before, your body may not be healthy enough to resist all the tropical bacteria. Carry a hand sanitizer around will not take much of your luggage and will save you from unwanted diseases.

If you would like to have further information, please do not hesitate to contact us and our expert will be pleased to share with you our experiences and information. ►(Contact us)
Enjoy Vietnam and Bon Appetit!
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