A trip to Vietnam is a trip to the country sound. If the noisy silence of the bikes was swept by the din of motorbikes, the cries of toads Nha Trang strangled by the karaoke, we can also see the sounds from within, find, Hoan Kiem Lake at dawn behind the muffled cries of the city, the millennial rhythm running through the heads of those who come every morning their ode to the coming day sun salutation version of Tai ji kuan, calm as a mountain, moving like a river, say the masters. We also listen to the history of Indochina adored by our grandfathers and sounds of the jungle in the delta of the Mekong as told. Marguerite Duras small French Vietnamese also whispers so well! 
To extend the motoring by a seaside escape, enhance its cultural discovery through a stay in a boutique hotel can enjoy a stop in a great capital of the world. 
1 / Replay Duras in the footsteps of the Lover 
2 / In Hanoi, visit the Opera 
3 / Find the flavor of old palaces prewar 
4 / Eat a real Phở 
5 / Make a raid by the craftsmen of Hoi Han 

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