Our 6 Travelogy Vietnam quality commitments

Our 6 Travelogy Vietnam quality commitments
To make your trip a moment of dreams and happiness, here is what we recommend:
The tailor-made trip
Travelogy Vietnam mainly organizes private trips with guide and driver. These trips personalized according to your desires allow you to discover our country at your own pace and to benefit from a guaranteed quality of services, far from the standardized products that you can find everywhere.
The shared journey
In our view, travel is an opportunity to get out of our routine to meet others, live with others and share with others. We therefore recommend integrative tourism which should allow you to immerse yourself in the culture, mentalities, mores and customs of the local populations.
This integration tourism is reflected not only by our tours in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia which are intended to be original but also by a personalized organization of your trip and by the wealth of information that we are committed to making available to you before, during and after the trip.
Travel differently
Without making you miss the must-sees of each destination, Travelogy Vietnam wants to take you from time to time off the main tourist routes to discover new places where you can really talk about local authenticity.
Solidarity tourism that respects identities
Going with Travelogy Vietnam also means choosing a way of travel that respects cultures, lifestyles and the environment. The beauty of the landscape can fascinate, but it can quickly be forgotten. Rather, the best memories of a trip are the human contact, the friendship of the people you meet and the discoveries you make about cultures and life in a universe different from your own.
Travelogy Vietnam strives every day to build its reputation as a specialist in tailor-made trips through a constantly in-depth quality approach. To ensure the success of your trip, here are the 6 commitments that we rigorously respect:
  1. Tours adapted to your needs
Far from mass tourism or an often impersonal "ready-to-travel", Travelogy Vietnam invites you to be the craftsman and creator of your own tour. Our travel advisers, with their perfect knowledge of the field, have an obligation to listen to you to answer all your questions and guide you in your choices, which are not always obvious. We will help you find your ultimate Asian experience.
  1. Flexibility
Although the trip must follow an itinerary and be supervised, we want nothing to be frozen. Every trip is an escape and you don't travel to be constrained. Thus, in the realization of your trip, we recommend maximum flexibility to your benefit: a site particularly interests you and you want to stay there a few more hours? Do you want to sleep an hour longer to be really in shape? It is your decision, which we respect. Our guides and logistics managers have an obligation to help you travel your own way.
  1. Speed ​​- availability
We do not allow ourselves to make you wait. Travelogy Vietnam is committed to answering all of its customers' questions as soon as possible and to intervening without delay to resolve any incident that may arise in connection with the organization of the trip. To this end, we set up within our team a customer service responsible for monitoring your trip 24 hours a day. This service is available to you during your trip to ensure a hassle-free trip.
  1. The added value of information
With your agreement, various documents will be communicated to you before, during and after your trip to provide you with rich information about your trip and your destinations. This information will help you to have a trip without unforeseen events and to discover in depth the historical and cultural aspects of our destination countries.
  1. The services of a passionate team
Passion for travel and the desire to share experiences with others are our top two recruitment criteria. How can we make you love our country and your trip if we work without passion and without conviction?
Thanks to good organization and modern management mechanisms, we can guarantee the services of a dedicated team.
  1. An irreproachable quality / price ratio
Being a local receptive agency directly organizing the tours, Travelogy Vietnam is able to offer you very competitive prices even if, as everyone knows, quality has its price.
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