About Travelogy Vietnam:

Company name in English: TRAVELOGYVIETNAM CO., LTD
Company name in Vietnamese: Công Ty TNHH Du Lịch Travelogy Việt Nam
Company License: No.0105575742, issued by the Hanoi Planning and Investment Department.
Tax identification: N ° 0105575742
License as an international travel organizer in the luxury sector: 01 - 509 / 2012TCDL - GPKDLHQT, awarded by the National Administration of Tourism of Vietnam.
"Travelogy Vietnam" is our brand name, it has been registered with the National Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam since 2009.
Travelogy Vietnam, is the first luxury travel agency, the travel site specializing in Vietnam.
Travelogy Vietnam Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Hanoi, it is a private company. It was founded by luxury travel specialists with the theme "art of traveling in Vietnam".
Our company is fully certified and accredited as a luxury tourism and travel agency. Our company excels in cultural, leisure, and business travel. We offer our services to tour operators and travel agents, as well as independent travelers of all nationalities.
Our team is experienced and motivated, our advisers know all the destinations perfectly and will organize the best stay of your life for you: they are experts! In addition, we are associated with many travel agencies and tour operators around the world.
Our clients are ministers, ambassadors, senators and also luxury travelers. Due to the good service, many of them become permanent customers.
We are proud to be a member of the PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) and that "The Guide" magazine has named us among the best travel agencies in Vietnam for our excellent and creative services. The “Luxe City” guide, which is a guide specializing in high-end travel in France and the United States, also recommends us to its readers.
With us, you will be able to travel in the greatest comfort! No need to worry about certain details, we take care of everything!
TRAVELOGYVIETNAM is ready to make your every wish come true. This agency offers you:
- Unforgettable honeymoons,
- Tailor-made trips,
- À la carte excursions in Vietnam,
- Adventure or family trips,
- Cruises on the most beautiful boats,
- Stays in the best seaside resorts,
- Cultural and culinary tours: discover and taste the best of Vietnam,
- Golf courses,
- And much more...
Our destinations: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Birmani….
Thanks to Travelogy Vietnam, you can rent a private plane or helicopter, stay in a private seaside resort, take a cruise on the most beautiful junks in Halong Bay, spend a few days in a luxury vacation home, etc: with our agency everything is possible, all your wishes will be realized!
You can see our offers directly online: www.travelogyvietnam.com
Or write to us by email: sales@travelogyvietnam.com, if you want more information. We can personalize your stay and make it unique and unforgettable. We are ready to seize any opportunity to work with collaborators from all over the world.

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